The Concept

The Z-Hotelcard®

The Z-HOTELCARD® accompanies your guests during their stay in your hotel so they can take full advantage of all the assets inside your property. Make your guests’ stay even more unique by welcoming them with the Z-HOTELCARD®. They will always be aware of all the facilities, packages and promotions your hotel offers, ensuring they spend more time and money in your hotel.

At the same time, you can also inform guests of the advantages of your loyalty programme, boosting direct bookings and reviews. You can achieve all this thanks to a handy keycard holder, which guests use at all times during their stay.

The Benefits

Direct Bookings

Encourage direct bookings and reduce commission paid to OTAs (Online Travel Agencies)


Have your guests spend more in your hotel by informing them of all your facilities.

Improve Check-in Experience

A streamline way of communication at check-in for both reception staff and customers.

Guest Loyalty

Get to know your guests better to develop targeted promotions and activities, suited to their individual needs and interests.

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Promote your Brand

Invite your guests to join your loyalty programme and promote the other hotels in your collection, group, or chain.

Our Approach

How we work

  • Provide the right information and triggers, creating incentives for best user experience.
  • Promote your hotel’s features and facilities to help grow your revenue with up-selling and cross-selling.
  • Encourage direct bookings. A small percentage can easily achieve positive results.
  • Introduce your guests to the loyalty programme and develop a valuable relationship.

A small change can have a big impact!

ROI Calculator

We use the ROI Calculator, which was developed specifically for the hotel industry, to calculate the added value of the Z-HOTELCARD® for your hotel in just a few steps.

If your hotel is part of a larger group and you wish to use this concept for several hotels, then we can also calculate the financial benefits at chain level.